Every seller wants to get the highest price possible for their house. Even when the market is hot, obtaining offers above the asking price can be a tricky task when selling your home. If you have spent the time to thoroughly research the comps and price your house fairly, follow these tips to help spark a bidding war.

1. Set a deadline for offers. People don’t like missing out. Create a sense of urgency by posting in the MLS that you’re receiving multiple offers and interested buyers should submit their highest and best offers by a certain day and time.
2. Spice up your listing photography. Most listings have the same, bland photos. Straight shots don’t do anything for your property. Explore different angles and lenses to market the property in the best way possible. Not every buyer is going to look through all 30 to 40 pictures of your home so make sure the first few images will captivate your audience.
3. Fuel interest ahead of time. Take the time to market your property online before the first open house or even entering it into the MLS. Use mediums such as social media, email, and sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Craigslist to announce your listing and upcoming open house days/times.
4. Stage a top-notch open house. Put up as many open house signs as possible and prep your home. Good food and entertainment generally bring a crowd so invest a little extra to make your open house the event to attend.
If you price your home right and follow these steps, you can incite a bidding war and potentially sell your home for more than the asking price. Take advantage of the market while it’s strong and buyers are hungry. Turn your property into an opportunity buyers don’t want to miss out on.