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Grass Lawn

Spring has sprung…but has your lawn? While we are blessed to live in the warmth of Southern California, this desert climate can get cold in the winters killing some of our foliage. With warmer weather approaching, it’s time to bring some life back to our lawns and gardens, especially if you’re selling your home. Every seller should know the importance of curb appeal. So how can you get your lawn from gone to green in a matter of days? Follow these quick tips.

1. Reseed and fertilize. Bare or thinning spots in your grass just need a little seeding and some fertilizer. Be sure to scrape any bare patches with a rake before seeding and keep that area consistently moist until regrowth begins.

2. Look for problematic slopes or shaded areas. Large trees casting shade or a steep incline can hinder lawn growth. Analyze your yard and identify the areas that just don’t seem to green up. Consider alternate solutions like planting fescues in the shade and hydroseeding on inclines.

3. Use sod for extensive dead areas. Nothing is worse than a lawn that’s 80 percent dead trying to hang in there. If the cold killed large areas of your lawn, it’s probably best to re-sod. Sod can be installed at anytime of the year, just make sure to water it often until it sets.

4. Consider xeriscaping. This is the easiest way to weather proof your lawn and it’s all the rage. Low-cost, low-maintenance, drought-tolerant is the way to go now in Southern California. Whether you’re selling or just in need of sprucing for spring, xeriscaping can be a great solution. What is xeriscaping you might ask? Think succulents and rocks.

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